Humber Local Resilience Forum (LRF)

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About the Humber Local Resilience Forum


The Humber Local Resilience Forum (Humber LRF) is a multi-agency partnership made of representatives from local public services, the emergency services, local authorities, the NHS, the Environment Agency and others. These agencies are known as Category 1 Responders and a chief officer from each is required to attend. The boundary of the Humber LRF corresponds with that of Humberside Police.

The Humber LRF consists of an overarching forum and a series of sub-groups that will meet at least four times a year. Members of the Humber LRF will deliver a planned and co-ordinated approach to encourage Category 1 responders to address all aspects of policy in relation to:

  • Agreeing risk profiles for the area through a community risk register;
  • Planning for emergencies;
  • Planning for business continuity management;
  • Publishing information about risk assessments and plans;
  • Arrangements to warn and inform the public and other aspects of civil protection duty including the promotion of business continuity management by local authorities; and
  • Supporting the preparation of multi-agency plans and other documents, including protocols and agreements and the co-ordination of multi-agency exercises and other training events;
  • Sharing lessons learned from emergencies and exercises in other parts of the UK and overseas and making sure those lessons are acted upon to improve local arrangements;
  • Considering civil protection policy initiatives from other tiers;
  • Providing a place within the formal civil protection framework for organisations not captured by the duty as Category 1 or Category 2 Responders (for example Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups or ‘COMAH’ operators).

The Humber LRF is supported by sub groups or task and finish groups established to develop various capabilities or set specific targets in strengthening local resilience through multi agency collaboration. The purpose of the sub groups are to deliver the Humber LRF objectives and actions set in the Humber LRF Work Programme. The Chair of each Humber LRF Sub-Group will sit on the General Working Group and provide regular updates on the work of their group. The Humber LRF will monitor the work programmes of the General Working Group and other sub-groups.

Download a structure chart of the Humber LRF

Humber Emergency Planning Service provides the secretariat service to the Humber Local Resilience Forum and as such is the primary point of contact for information disseminated from other tiers, resilience partners, and partners. The secretariat function to the sub groups of the Humber LRF groups is split between a number of Category 1 responders as can be seen on the structure chart.

Community Risk Register

The LRF Risk Assessment Working Group produces a Community Risk Register for the Humber Sub-region detailing descriptions of risk, along with the likelihood of it occurring, and the impact it would have on the community, economy etc should it happen.

The Humber Community Risk Register gives information on the risks in the area, how the risks are identified and how the risks are graded

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our risk assessment process, please feel free to get in touch by:

(01482) 393050

Humber Community Risk Register 2018-2021 (PDF) Humber LRF - EU Exit Risk Register (PDF)